The images on this page are just a few of the many I have taken during my ceramic related travels.

Albania 1999
During the Summer of 1999 I went to Rubik, Albania to assist in setting up a community based pottery workshop

While there, I visited the old Italiante town of Shkodera, where these 2 photos were taken.

Australia 2002-04

In 2002 my work was selected for 'Setting Out 2002' the annual exhibition for ceramics graduates in the UK.  At this event I was awarded a Travel Bursary by the CPA and travelled to Australia to work at the studio of Wood-firer Ian Jones and his wife Moraig McKenna.  This is their studio at Gundaroo, NSW.

In all, I visited Australia three times between 2002-04.  I loved the place,the textures, colours and smells, as well as the sound of the birds, particularly their 'magpies'. All but one of the images on the 'Inspiration' Page were taken there.  This photo is of the road leading to another property in the area where I lived for awhile.

Morning mists at Gundaroo - typical scenery in that area of NSW

The village of Gundaroo was old by Ozzie standards - this image is of the side wall of one of the oldest buildings  - known as 'Sally Paskins Store'.

Hungary 2002
In 2002 I spent a month at the International Ceramic Studios in Kecskemet, this image is of one of the studios there.

The Town Hall in Kesckemet.

I spent a day in the beautiful town of Pec

I also visited Sentendre, outside Budapest.

I rather like old buildings!

Turkey 2003
In 2003 I was invited to take part in the 4th International Ceramics Symposium in Avanos Turkey.  The photo is of one of the local pottery studios where some of the participants worked 

Transporting local pottery

While there we visited a local brickworks - one of the artists was using the extruded forms.  The Hoffman kiln had 22 chambers - 11 on each side.  Some were being packed, some fired some cooling and others were being unpacked 

This is a colour photo! - the men working here had a pretty hard time, no protection from the coal dust which was fed into the hoppers and used to fire the kiln.  The hoppers made a lovely tinkling sound - quite at odds with the conditions the men worked in.

This is a good example of Ottoman architecture in the town of Avanos. The Symposium Exhibition was held here.

Avanos is in the Cappodocia region of the Central Anatolian Plain.  It is a fascinating area full of extraordinary architecture.

There are many old churches carved out of the 'tuff', a type of volcanic rock.

These 'fairy chimneys' are a feature of the area.

Croatia 2005
During the summer of 2005 I travelled to Croatia to attend an exhibition 'Ceramica Multiplex' - the International Exhibition of Post-Modern Ceramics held in the City Museum, Varazdin.  I also participated in a workshop on the Island of Cres.  We stayed in the village of Lubenice, 400 metres above sea-level.

It was a lovely place to walk - lots of paths and these gates everywhere.

The sunsets were beautiful!

Chicago 2005
I visited Chicago at the end of Oct 2005.  It was a wonderful surprise - clean and not too frenetic! Anish Kapoors' 'Bean' is a fantastic piece of sculpture in Millennium Park

Abstract Chicago!

I also did one of the architectural tours organised by Chicago Architecture Foundation - excellent volunteer guides full of information about the extraordinary buildings. It is a 90 minute trip along the river.

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