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For the most up to date information you can go to my 'Jane Jermyn Ceramics'  Page - I update that more frequently!  I also include other ceramic related  posts that might be of interest.  I also run another Page 'Obvara firing technique' where there is information and images about this firing technique that I came across in Belarus in 2009.


"Jermyn makes beautifully judged organic forms categorised under two headings, Pods and Standing.  They resemble, without illustrating, various plant shapes and textures, though they are related to non-organic processes that generate the intricate patterns of the natural world.  So her work spans the geological and the organic in its range of reference, without being a depiction of any single aspect of that continuum. There is something elemental and fundamental about her pieces, though, a feeling of rightness and inevitability.  She is exceptionally attentive to nuances of tone, colour and texture as well as shape, and seems to have an unerring instinct for sculptural form. ...Her Pods enclose spaces in a gentle, caressing way, imbuing them with a sense of generative potential."

Aiden Dunne from Irish Times 9th January 2008

 "Jane Jermyn's sense of form and approach to surface is engaging and magnetic"

From catalogue essay for 'transFORM' Ceramics exhibition 2011 by Elaine Olafson Henry; Editor/Publisher Ceramics: Art and Perception/Ceramics TECHNICAL 

Recent and upcoming Events:

2013:  Awarded The Tyrone Guthrie Centre Artists Residency Award from Waterford County Council's Arts Office.  I undertook the two week fully funded residency during September  2013.

Selected to take part in the 1st International Cremamics Festival "LANDescape" at the Mark Rothko Arts Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia during August

Attend the 4th "ScanCeram" Ceramics Conference, Tolne, Denmark

2014: Awarded a 3 month residency at Canberra Potters' Society in Watson, Canberra, which I undertook from mid-January.

In November 2014 I will be part of a ceramics exhibiton "International Ceramics Conclave 2014" at Delhi Blue Trust, India

Awards & Grants 2011-2013:


Granted a CPD award from Crafts Council of Ireland towards the cost of participanting in a Masterclass with Shozo Michikawa at Glencairn Pottery, Lismore, Co Waterford.

ArtL!nks Arts Award for County Waterford - towards the costs of travel and transporting work to Japan and Korea Nov / Dec 2011

Waterford City Enterprise Board Award towards cost of a test kiln 

Awarded 'Best Exhibit' in Craft Village, Wicklow County Show, Tinahely, Co Wicklow.


Granted a CPD award from Crafts Council of Ireland towards the cost of travel to participate in 7th International  Symposium of Ceramics Art V-oglje 2012, Slovenia.

Awarded a month long fully-funded residency at Eco-Museum tuilerie de Pouligny, Creuse, France.


Waterford County Council Tyrone Guthrie Residency Bursary for two weeks in September.

Arts Council of Ireland Travel Award to Latvia


3 month residency at Canberra Potter's Society, Canberra, ACT, Australia.

Artists' Statement

“Tradition is the living hand of the dead; traditionalism is the dead hand of the living”

Toshiko Takaezu, Japanese-American Ceramic Artist

I feel very strongly that skill, technique and tradition are the wellsprings from which ideas flow – this can lead to innovation as our vision is extended beyond that which we know.  I want to ‘know’ and understand my materials and tools as well as I can; continued experimentation is important to me. I do not plan my work as such, except in the broadest sense – evaluation of previous work leads on to new ideas – decisions are intuitive and I enjoy the spontaneity of working in this way.  The outcome can only be controlled so far.  The end result depends on the ‘serendipity’ of the combination of clay, oxides and the firing process. The inspiration for my work comes from the natural world – geological formations, strata and textures.


NCVEA in Crafts, Grennan Mill Craft School (1996).

Pottery Skills Course, Crafts Council of Ireland (1997).

Higher National Diploma (2000) & Honours Degree, (CCTA now West Wales School of the Arts, Carmarthen (2001).

Masters Degree, National College of Art and Design, Dublin (2009)

(More details on Career Page)

(Close up of Standing Form)


Since 2004 I have been living in the lovely award-wining town of Lismore, Co. Waterford, in the SE of Ireland.  Lismore Castle has turned the old Long Gallery into ''Lismore Castle Arts''.

(Lismore Castle & River Blackwater, more images on the "Lismore" page)

Image 1

Panel for MA

An example of my work for my Masters which I completed in June 2009.

Biomorphic and Enclosed Forms 2010

Biomorphic and Enclosed Forms 2010

My latest body of work is hand-built using a mainly pinching technique. 

New work 2013 / Open Form

My Work

I love clay as a material and would hate to be restricted to only using it in one way - therefore I  like to vary what I do with it usually working through a series in any one method.

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